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Your goals can be anything quantifiable — weight, pushups, minutes spent on Facebook, points on Duolingo. Answer with your number when Beeminder asks — or connect a device/app below to auto-report — and we'll show your progress and a Bright Red Line to follow to stay on track. If you cross the line, we charge your payment method!
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“It's an amazing piece of software. You guys really have impressive design abilities to take such a difficult concept and pull it off as a practical app. It's really a great feat in out-of-the-box thinking. Kudos!”

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A cartoon bee committing hara-kiri on a hill
Dumbest Hill To Die On: Automating Your Copyright Year is Lies
I’ve been railing against automated copyright dates for years but just learned Serine Molecule scooped me in Copyright Notices Are Not Clocks: You should update the copyright year whenever you make nontrivial, copyrightable changes to your work. Not every year, and definitely not automatically. If you do it automatically, you... »