Stick To Your Goals

Your goals can be anything quantifiable — weight, pushups, minutes spent on Facebook, points on Duolingo. Answer with your number when Beeminder asks — or connect a device/app below to auto-report — and we'll show your progress and a Yellow Brick Road to follow to stay on track.

If you go off track, you pledge money to stay on the road the next time. If you go off track again, we charge you.

How Beeminder Works

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Beeminder Blog (Guaranteed Fresh!)

Cranial Silicosis and Paths of Least Resistance
For those just tuning in, let’s review the Three Great Beeminder Epiphanies. The Yellow Brick Road — bringing long-term consequences near; The Road Dial and the Akrasia Horizon — flexible self-control; Anti-Cranial-Silicosis — making the path of least resistance also the path of ever-increasing awesomeness. These seem so obvious in hindsight that it's funny... »
The Seinfeld Hack; or, Don’t Break The Chain
Quantified Self 2015 and Bay Area Beeminder Meetup
Beeminder ♥ Skritter

Beeminder Buzz

“It's an amazing piece of software. You guys really have impressive design abilities to take such a difficult concept and pull it off as a practical app. It's really a great feat in out-of-the-box thinking. Kudos!”