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Beeminder Pricing

Core Beeminder gives you access to 3 goals, all the core features, including our dozens of autodata integrations.

If you want unlimited goals or other perks, we have premium plans. But we only want your money if you're actively getting value from Beeminder! In fact, if you stop using Beeminder, we automatically stop charging you.

Core Beeminder
Bee Plus
Track up to 3 goals, unlimited data
Cap pledges, schedule breaks
Web, iOS, Android, email, and Slack apps
Dozens of autodata integrations
IFTTT, Zapier, & custom API integration
Unlimited goals
Automatically trim safety buffer
Custom goals
SMS bot (US only)
Weekends off
Road editor
50% charity option
Goals with no pledges
Pledge short-circuiting
Real-time support, nerd out w/ us in our dev chat
$0 / month
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$8 / month
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$16 / month
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$32 / month
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Exquisitely Fair Discount Slider: Choose any payment interval, up to an infinite, lifetime subscription and the discount will increase accordingly.

  • Monthly
  • Lifetime

Pay yearly for 14% off

Premium FAQ

  • If I already pay a lot in pledges can I apply those to a premium plan?
  • Alas, that is not a thing. We don't want to tamper with the incentives! We do have student and senior discounts, and discounts for jobseekers and those living in non-OECD countries. Say the word if you think you may qualify!
  • Loophole idea! Can I get Infinibee temporarily just to create a bunch of goals?
  • Yes. Well, creating a bunch of placeholder goals to save for later sounds awfully weaselly. But you absolutely have our blessing to buy a single month of Infinibee by adding the plan and then immediately removing it again, and we don't take away any goals when you downgrade back to core Beeminder (though we do stop autoratcheting and scheduling weekends for them, etc).

    You can then create all the goals you want for a month, and no need to remember to cancel it when you're done since you already did that.
  • What if I sign up for lifetime and you change the plans later?
  • We grandfather your premium perks.
  • What charities can I donate to?
  • You can choose to send half of your pledge, should you derail, to one of GiveDirectly, Watsi, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. At the moment these are the only charities that we offer, and we track the total amounts owed to each, and make monthly donations from Beeminder's coffers. If getting a receipt for your donation (and personal credit for it) is something that's important to you, let us know!
  • What does pledge short-circuiting mean?
  • If you know that $5 will not motivate you at all, you can jump straight up to an amount that you know you would be scared to lose (we call this your Motivation Point).
  • Do you plan on adding SMS support for international numbers?
  • We certainly haven't ruled it out! If this is something you'd really like to have available, let us know.
  • How does an auto-canceling subscription work?
  • If you disappear from Beeminder and stop adding data to all your goals for more than a month, we'll stop renewing your subscription until you show up again. No worrying about remembering to cancel! Details on our blog.
  • What if I get lifetime Infinibee but then decide to upgrade?
  • The normal monthly cost of Infinibee is subtracted from whatever you upgrade to. For example, if you upgrade to Bee Plus, which costs twice as much as Infinibee, then the upgrade will cost half as much as it would've since the first half is forever paid for by your lifetime Infinibee. Here's the general principle we're going for: You can jump on any plan with any payment frequency at any time. If you change your mind and upgrade or downgrade you won't have wasted any money by doing so.

    The only way to regret any premium purchase is to buy more than you actually wanted, like buying a year of Bee Plus when you only wanted a month of it. Or to buy Beemium when Bee Plus would've sufficed. Or buying lifetime and then dying within 7 years. (Technically you could replace "dying" with, say, solving your akrasia for good or something.) If any of those things happen, talk to us and we'll make sure you (or your heirs) are happy.
  • What if I get yearly Bee Plus but then want to downgrade after a month?
  • Mostly the answer is don't do that. This is probably obvious but the point of the Exquisitely Fair Discount Slider is that, by opting to pay for longer periods, like yearly or lifetime, you're committing to having that plan (or higher) for that long. In other words, you get a discount in exchange for buying more at once. Still, you can ask us for a refund if the perks feel disappointing and we'll say yes.
  • How do your generous auto-canceling subscriptions work if I have a lifetime plan?
  • With non-lifetime plans we just stop charging you if you haven't used Beeminder in the past month. (Have you ever noticed what jerks other companies are who don't do this, sneakily taking your money and hoping you don't notice? We hope our kinder, gentler version makes it an easier decision to try a Beeminder subscription!) But if you're on a lifetime plan and stop using Beeminder we can't end your plan so we do the next best thing: we kill you. You did say you wanted the plan for the rest of your life, so, naturally...

    The real answer is basically the same as the answer to the previous question — we don't automatically refund money already paid though we will do manual refunds if you feel disappointed. Lifetime plans are hugely discounted from the monthly and even the yearly price so if you're pretty sure you'll be beeminding 8 years from now, you should totally do it. And, again, we will absolutely refund your money if you're not happy.

    Beeminding can be pretty hard but we've tried to make the decision to try a premium plan super easy: Instant downgrades / upgrades / cancelation, generous pro-rating, auto-canceling (!), and a fully friendly refund policy. And a complete lack of murdering.
  • Do you have a much more discursive version of all this on your blog, full of links to whole other blog posts about various perks and glossary entries for your esoterica, all sprinkled with allusions to higher mathematics and/or behavioral economics?
  • Yeah.
  • What if I just want to know what pledge shortcircuiting or custom goals or the SMS bot or weekends off or the road editor are?
  • By the magic of hyperlinks, your question is self-answering. Better yet, hover over those links instead of clicking them for the short versions.
  • What if I want more handholding with my goal setting? Someone to personally ride my butt and make sure I get stuff done?
  • Some of you remember our Beekeeper lifecoaching program. Our integration partner, Boss as a Service, is similar! So far the integration means that if you want more personal accountability, we point you to Boss as a Service and say "Try it!" and if you're using Boss as a Service and need some hard consequences, your boss will help you set up a Beeminder goal, and even enter data for you.

Fine print: This is kind of a placeholder for various nitty gritty in case any one cares but we've tried hard to make it so you don't need to care. For upgrading / downgrading / canceling we always do the exquisitely fair thing and break ambiguities in your favor, with prorating and whatnot. Basically the opposite of whatever your phone company would do.