A little backstory...

A long-time fan of crazy incentive schemes, Danny threw together what would eventually become Beeminder when a friend asked for help with her weight-loss goal. He told her to start emailing her weight daily and he would send back graphs of her progress, letting her know when she needed to buckle down to stay on track. When he found out Bethany had started something similar for her own weight loss, they joined forces, generalized the code, and started inviting family and friends to use it.

Meet the Beeminder Team

Daniel Reeves, Co-founder/CEO

hours: 8006

Danny has his PhD from the University of Michigan, studying computational game theory, and previously was a research scientist at Yahoo, working on incentive systems. This makes him a (self-proclaimed-but-he's-kinda-serious) Expert on Akrasia. He likes transfinite set theory, mechanism design, and chasing bikes on his skates.

Queen Bee, Co-founder/CTO

hours: 6349

Bethany (Soule) is a Master of Science by authority of Columbia University (in CS and Machine Learning), and our local Ruby on Rails expert. Aside from building Beeminder she's also into lifting heavy things, riding her bicycle as fast as she can, and climbing stairs competitively. She speaks publicly about her crazy Quantified Self life-hackery and sources say she's pretty nice.

Andrew P. Brett, Chief Awesomeness Officer

hours: 2792

Andy is a writer, engineer, and athlete living in the world. He was the technical founder @CakeHealth, and is a former techcruncher. While his degree is technically in Civil Engineering, the following four courses had the most direct impact on his education: Macroeconomics, Advanced Programming Techniques, High Tech Entrepreneurship, Investigating Natural Disasters. In his spare time if he is not busy climbing mountains in Japan, or racing space shuttles, he works on the score for his rock opera reproduction of Master and Margarita.

Uluç Saranlı, Android App

hours: 778

Uluç is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science of Middle East Technical University, in Ankara, Turkey. His research interests also include robot programming architectures with formal properties as well as physically realistic simulation systems and embedded systems. Aside from some Very Serious computer science, e.g., building robots that can climb walls (I'm pretty sure that's true), he also works on the Beeminder Android app, and is a great ballroom dancer.

Melanie Wicklow, Resident Fitness Expert

hours: 557

Melanie has a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and worked as a personal trainer / wellness program manager for 8 years before staying home with her kids. She remains actively certified as a Health Fitness Specialist through the ACSM and is Beeminder's resident health and fitness expert. Melanie became sold on Beeminder in the early days when it beautifully motivated her to lose baby weight (yes, even personal trainers aren't magically motivated to lose weight). She loves sprint triathlons and other adventurous events.

Jill Renaud, Support

hours: 551

Jill has an AB in Chemistry from Princeton University and a Masters in Education from Pace University. She worked for 4 years as a NYC public high school teacher before deciding to explore other ventures (like housewifery). She helps out with Beeminder support. Jill became interested in Beeminder when she decided that she wanted to get in better shape. She likes to play German style board games and amble around New York City with her dog.

Philip Hellyer, Beehavioural Marketing

hours: 390

Philip walks on both sides of the strategy fence, both technical and business-oriented. As an enterprise architect, he sits between IT and the rest of the business, like a kind of strategic interpreter. As a mentor, he helps entrepreneurs think more clearly about their priorities and aspirations. As a speaker, he delights audiences by finding new perspectives on familiar topics. And as a flying trapeze "board monkey", he spends his summers encouraging people to jump. If you squint just right, it's all the same thing.

Erica Edelman, Head Beekeeper

hours: 280

Erica has a BA from Wright State University in a completely useless liberal art. She has also done extensive but pointless studies on information visualization, usability, and interface design. This was a perfect preparation for her short-lived but exciting career as a hula hoop performer and instructor. A lover of all forms of dance, Erica's favorite thing to Beemind is Duolingo, she is the founder of a pretty decent critical thinking group in Columbus, OH, and she hates segues. She likes puppies a little too much, and is a little more attached to her dog than is healthy for a fully functioning adult.

David Yang, Advisor

hours: countless (literally)

David has a BS from University of Illinois and has previously worked at BrightWire, Gilt Groupe, RecycleBank, Yahoo, and Deloitte on web technology. He met Dan while at Yahoo where they created an internal prediction market and has used Beeminder for everything from losing weight to writing code. He loves sitting in front of his three monitors, biking on 9W, and hacking on cool projects. He is probably trying to finish one up right now if he could only find a way to keep himself on task...

Michael Tiffany, Grand Duke of Quantification

hours: countless (literally)

Mr. Tiffany is an expert in security and what is now termed Big Data. He co-founded Mission Assurance Corporation, now a part of Recursion Ventures. He also co-founded, and is currently a Fellow of, Critical Assets Labs, the research arm of Critical Assets. In addition to growing the Lab, where he supports the productization of its DARPA research, he currently has a stealth-mode startup in "convenient security," that is, raising the security and privacy of everyday people without special procedures. He is also a ninja.

Patrick Jordan, Advisor

hours: countless (literally)

Dr. Patrick Jordan is a marketplace and agent designer with expertise in modeling and reasoning about complex strategic environments through theory and experimentation. He has experience in designing automated and mix-initiative systems based on principles of decision theory, game theory, optimization, economic theory, and artificial intelligence.