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This goal has the following fine print specified by pjh:

This is the equity-influencing graph of Philip Hellyer, subject to various gentlemanly agreements.

Original statement of intent, 24 April 2012, was to secure 10% of epiphany-related earnings.

Best guess for initial effort is 110 hours prior to tag-time monitoring commencing on 11th December 2012.

2013-08-28: $-7500 (negative cashout; see dreeves's fine print)
2014-04-18: $-120 (negative cashout; see pledge credit emails)
2015-03-30: $723.75 (Philip & Finch (UK) Ltd)
2015-11-16: $1362.00 (Apple)
2015-11-25: $395.95 (Apple)
2015-12-01: $8584 (q.v. 2013-08-28)
2016-11-03: dreev effectively flattened the road minimum commitment (q.v. slack)

TZ notes: I've tied my tagtime script to GMT, to avoid it recalculating the past every time I travel. This means that when I change the Beeminder timezone, I should also change the deadline for this goal so that I remember that it's not local midnight.