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Beebot is a helpful bot for interacting with Beeminder on your Slack team.

You can send a DM to check on your most urgent goals, see what you need to do to meet them, and add data once you've completed them.

It also comes with a slash command, /bee, that lets you do all the same things without leaving the channel you're in.

Additionally, it adds the /charge command, which allows you to directly charge yourself an amount via the Beeminder API, or schedules the amount to be charged in the specified time unless canceled.

For example, you could say /charge 5 in 30 unless I send this email. Then if you send the email in time you can say /charge cancel to cancel it, or if you don't, just let the charge go through.

Log In to Add Slack

You will be redirected here after logging in to install Beebot on Slack. You can also add it at any time from your account settings.

Once installed, typing

/bee help or

@beebot help or

Help me @beebot you're my only hope

will show the available commands, namely:

list will display your five most urgent goals (nearest deadlines).

list N will display your N most urgent goals (nearest deadlines).

goalname will display the status and graph for the goal with that goalname

goalname date value "comment" will add a datapoint to the goal with that goalname

goalname++ is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of "1" for today for the goal with that goalname

goalname-- is a shortcut for adding a datapoint of "-1" for today for the goal with that goalname