Beeminder loves TaskRatchet

Which are you most familiar with?

You may have noticed that while Beeminder excels at tracking goals with an ongoing numerical progress metric, it's less suited to one-off tasks. TaskRatchet fills this gap — it's like Beeminder for your todo list. Every TaskRatchet task has a deadline and an amount of money you pledge on its completion. Fail to finish the task in time, and TaskRatchet takes that money. See our blog post for details!

If you're already familiar with Beeminder, TaskRatchet will be a walk in the park!

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Beeminder is for quantifiable, graphable, usually long-term goals. It focuses on ongoing metrics like time spent working, pages read, words written, or number of tasks completed. (It's also good for fitness goals like steps, calories, weight, hours of sleep, etc.)

What really makes Beeminder unique though, is adding an explicit commitment device to your Quantified Self data. You literally enter a payment method and agree to get charged money if your datapoints cross a Bright Red Line on your graph. If that sounds scary, you may be highly motivated to stay on track.

TaskRatchet can post the details of each task you create to a Beeminder goal of your choice. Beeminding your new tasks is a great way to build the habit of committing to your tasks each day. Follow the instructions in your TaskRatchet account settings to enable this feature.

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(NB: You'll need to first to create a Beeminder account and a Beeminder do-more goal committing to creating a certain number of new tasks per day or per week.)