With Zapier you can send data from hundreds of different apps to your Beeminder goals


Zapier is a way to get disparate apps to talk to each other. Define an event in one app as a trigger and define a corresponding action in another app. We've used Zapier, for example, to cause tweets mentioning Beeminder to show up in our Hipchat. Other popular autodata sources include , , and .


Beeminder is a Quantified Self tool for tracking your progress toward goals. Well, that's half of it. The other half is that we let you hard-commit to staying on track toward those goals, by pledging actual money. We make pretty (nerdy) graphs, plotting your progress along a Bright Red Line, which you can customize, even as you go. But if you ever fall behind your graph then you pay us the money you pledged.

How It Works

  1. Read our blog post or Zapier's
  2. Get started creating a new Beeminder goal.
    (Usually you want a Do More goal.)
  3. When you have your goal, create a Zap: