Beeminder loves Boss as a Service

Which are you most familiar with?

Boss as a Service is a human accountability service — it gives you a "Boss" — a person who will make sure you stay on track to your goals by keeping you accountable.

It's simple — tell your Boss what you want to get done. And when you finish your task, send them proof that you did. If you don't, your Boss will follow up and keep bugging you till you resolve the task!

The best part is, you can use BaaS and Beeminder together to create a super powerful accountability toolkit, by having your Boss monitor your Beeminder goal. If you fail your task, they will derail you on Beeminder. Less temptation to weasel out, and more motivation to complete your todos!

Check out our blog post for details.

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Beeminder is goal-setting with a sting.

You decide on your goal and enter your payment method. Beeminder keeps you on track by graphing your progress and drawing your goal as bright red line on the graph. If you don't keep all your datapoints on the right side of that bright red line, Beeminder charges you money. If that sounds scary, you may be highly motivated to stay on track!

If you're already using Boss as a Service, check out our blog post and then sign up for Beeminder!