I've used Beeminder for weight loss, exercise, time management, and job hunt goals. It brings an immediate discipline to all of these and keeps me from lying to myself that it's OK to let today slide, because I'll do better tomorrow. And, the team is very responsive, building out phone apps and APIs for integration with other quantified-self type websites. I've tried a boat load of these tools / sites, and Beeminder is among the very best!
— David MacFarlane, beeminder.com/davidhm21
Absolutely fantastic! I've achieved Inbox Zero for the first time in about a year and a half, which was such a huge relief I can't even tell you. Today I set up an exercise goal. I'm letting it be flat for a few weeks to get a baseline, but then I'm going to amp it up to three times a week. I find all the graphs and simple data entry and multiple perspectives on my trajectory just ridiculously reinforcing.
I'll be using Beeminder to fade bad habits and build good ones probably for the rest of my life, I figure. ... I'm just completely in love with this software. I hope for my sake that I never have to give you money, but if I do, it'll be with a glad and grateful heart!
These last 66 days -- of consistently beating my 1.25 lb/wk goals -- are the best weight-loss experience of my life, and the most functional thinking and learning about the process ever. Thank you, Beeminder. Melanie's tips have been great, but most useful is the huge amount of accessible information about me and my eating displayed in the data.
I am a physics student and used Beeminder throughout November to see if it made a difference. I actually felt it did as I was using it to secure a minimum amount of hours per week on average. Spreading your effort out evenly over the whole semester is crucial and I've found it to be an excellent tool for students as well.
— Gandalf Saxe
I've only been using Beeminder for less than 2 months, but I am extremely enthusiastic about it. ... (1) I am losing weight!! (2) I am acquiring useful knowledge about why I generally find it hard to lose weight. (I've used the Hacker's Diet in the past with mixed results.) (3) Every day, I ponder additional areas of my life in which I might be able to use Beeminder to improve the quality of my life. Perhaps I ought to make a Beeminder to set at least one new Beeminder goal in the next week... Hmmm... *stroking beard*
— Glenn Davis, beeminder.com/glennonymous
Before Beeminder, I only knew how to program computers and climb trees. I used Beeminder to finally learn Chinese, write a book, get in shape, build my business, create a personal website, start flossing, and learn to longboard! And twenty other things! I even used it to marry my wife. Thanks, Beeminder!
Nick Winter, beeminder.com/nick (who, we should add, is totally not kidding)
I love your site, and what you are doing is something that can really help a lot of people. I think I've spent more time meditating on my own in the last week than in my entire life, and you guys are a big part of that. Thank you!
— David Wachlin, beeminder.com/davidwachlin
I've been using this for a while now to ensure I find time for meditation and reading each day. It works splendidly -- I'm still a serial procrastinator but those goals I "beemind" always get done. In fact it is a little scary how well it works.
— Robbie Clarken
I'm really amazed by how well Beeminder works. Well done!
I'm really enjoying beeminder so far. It's probably the single best productivity tool I've ever encountered, and has substantially changed my general life-flow for the better over the last couple months. I've found that the biggest thing is that when I know I've done enough for the day, I can enjoy myself without worrying that I should be doing more work to stay on track. So it's not only good for fighting akrasia, but also for relieving unwarranted anti-akrasia anxiety. It allows you to relax when you should relax, and worry only when you should worry.
I just have to say thanks for a great tool for managing my akrasia! It is too early to say that the effects will last long-term, but Beeminder has genuinely given me a boost towards doing the things I want-to-do-but-keep-putting-aside-just-for-the-moment in a way that nothing else has for a long time. It has also made very clear which things I want to do but put off (on which activity is rapidly diverging from the yellow brick road in a positive direction) and the things I don't want to do but have to (which are still in the safe zone, but are not running away from the yellow brick road at all...).
— Tom Martin, beeminder.com/judgemingus
Beeminder is HUGELY motivating. This past week has been a struggle, but I don't mind -- I feel like I am playing some kind of balls-out sports match against myself.
— Glenn Davis, beeminder.com/glennonymous
BTW, if I DO fail, I don't begrudge the $30. After all, if there's no possibility of failure, there's no 'sting', right?
— Glenn Davis, beeminder.com/glennonymous