Feed data from one Beeminder goal to another


It might sound a little crazy to beemind your Beeminder goals, but there are some really good reasons to do it! You might want to track the same data source in multiple ways/dimensions. Or you might want to track, or incentivize, a particular aspect of your Beeminder usage. Or you might have some other more creative and complex usage for it. Setting up an existing Beeminder goal to push to a secondary Beeminder goal could be boss.

How it works

The goal wizard will help you set this up, but the idea is to pick a goal to send the data from, and a second goal to push the data to. The goal that pushes its data out is the main goal, and the one that receives the data is the meta goal. This is almost instantaneous so pretty much as soon as the first goal gets data, the second is alerted. The main goal can only push to one goal, but the meta goal can receive data from multiple goals, and if you're a power user, you can even set up cascading chains of goals. (We do check for infinite loops, so you probably won't take down the whole site by trying this out!)


Our favorite example of a meta goal is a weigh-ins goal. It's all too easy to back yourself into a corner when beeminding your weight otherwise. Setting up an automatic weigh-ins goal that simply gives you a +1 every time you weigh in can be incredibly valuable. See our blog post for details!

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