Connect your data to Beeminder using Make (formerly Integromat)


Make calls itself the glue of the internet, and for good reason. It may be our most powerful autodata integration yet. Make is like IFTTT and Zapier with a focus on power users. Examples of scenarios that Beeminder users are automating with Make include creating tasks in Todoist to stay on top of Beeminder goals (prioritized by amount of safety buffer) and creating more trip tips in Foursquare!


Beeminder is a Quantified Self tool for tracking your progress toward goals. Well, that's half of it. The other half is that you hard-commit to staying on track toward those goals by pledging actual money. We make pretty (nerdy) graphs plotting your progress along a Bright Red Line which you customize as you go. But whenever you cross that line then you pay us the money you pledged.