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Here are just a few of the things that Beeminder users are minding with IFTTT's help.

  • I use IFTTT to add (kilo)meters biked to my biking goal after every Strava activity.
  • To update Beeminder goals for number of tweets per week and Facebook posts.
  • To keep my Pocket to-read list under control. Every new pocket article: -1, every archived: +1, need to read 3/week.
  • I use the IFTTT “Do Button” app to record my water consumption, and brushing my teeth.
  • Trigger a +1 to a Beeminder graph when I mark a book as read on Goodreads.
  • I set a geofence around my gym’s parking lot using the IFTTT Location service, and once I enter this geofence, it posts to my Beeminder gym goal.
  • I use IFTTT and Alexa to log to Beeminder that I have taken my daily medication.
  • I track going to my classes every day with an IFTTT goal which triggers whenever my phone gps enters a circle around campus.
  • I can one-tap a shortcut on the Apple Watch and add a datapoint! It’s awesome! For example, I will tap the “Break Fast” workflow, and it’ll just take the current time and feed it to my Beeminder goal where I track how long I fast, through IFTTT, as that day’s datapoint.
  • Create a reminder in iOS reminders when it’s a beemergency day, so that it’s right there with my todos for the day, where I’ll see it.
  • I’ve used the “when there’s a zeno alert” trigger for certain goals to turn my Hue lights red, so that I don’t forget that goal’s beemergency.
  • I use it to automatically record a data point every time I publish a blog post
  • Record a data point every time I upload a video to YouTube (to sate the family appetite for cute videos of progeny)
  • Sleep In = Beeminder Sting.
  • I use it to count pomodoros, which I time using a Particle Button that I programmed to count up and flash pretty colors for breaks and so forth; it also publishes data points which get logged to a Google Sheet and generate data points via IFTTT.
  • I use it to automatically record a data point every time I call my grandmother.
  • Alexa skill to add datapoints to my exercise goal hands freee!
  • Location-based going to the library on average at least every two weeks but auto-trimmed to three weeks (which would keep the books returned on time).
  • I have a goal fed by 2 IFTTT applets: one which logs a datapoint if I upload an activity to Strava, and one which logs a datapoint when my phone connects to my gym’s wifi. I have the aggday set to nonzero so I only ever count one “workout session” per day.
  • My most beloved IFTTT recipe is the Beeminder => Beeminder one that adds a datapoint to my “weighin” goal every day.
  • I send myself a random cute cat gif whenever I get more than 2 safe days on my pullups goal.

Already started your Beeminder goal?

If you've already got a Beeminder goal set up that you've been adding data to manually, you might be able to turn on an IFTTT Applet to collect your data for you automatically!

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