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Wake and Weigh
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This goal has the following fine print specified by gudamor:

I intend to wake up and weigh myself first thing in the morning, so this goal uses units of 'weigh-ins.' My Beeminder goal 'Weight' will derail if I do not have the specified weight-loss. This Beeminder goal will derail if I do not weigh in regularly every morning.

Entering data to my Weight Beeminder goal triggers IFTTT to send a data-point of 1 to this goal, assuming I have set that up correctly.

The IFTTT recipe was based based on recipe "Beeminder beeminder beeminder" by Beeminder.

The IFTTT specifics are:
Trigger: Datapoint added to specific goal (selected my goal 'Weight').
Action: Add datapoint to specific goal 'Wake'
Datapoint value: 1
Datapoint comment: DatapointDate

I should be waking up before 6 am, so the goal deadline was changed to 06:00 AM under the "Terrifyingly Advanced" goal settings.

My current work schedule is six days a week, Sundays off, so the initial rate is 6 per week.