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    If this were your goal, you could schedule changes in the steepness of the upcoming road here -- as long as they were a week or more away.
    Retroratchet means making things harder *right now*. If this were your goal, you could throw away some of your safety buffer here.

    Goal Progress

    • START2012-11-10 → 0
    • NOW2014-06-11 → 356
    • TARGET2014-06-11 → 356.6
    578 days on track
    +356 so far

    Graph Legend

    • Datapoints ?
      Your actual reported data. The color shows where you are with respect to your yellow brick road:

      good side of the road
      right lane
      wrong lane
      off the road
    • Yellow brick road ?
      Keep your dots on the road! The true ideal road is actually the dotted orange centerline but the road is wide enough so that if you're in the right lane today you'll definitely still be on the road tomorrow.
    • Akrasia horizon ?
      This line is a week away from now. You can only make changes in the steepness of your road beyond the akrasia horizon.
    • Yellow guide lines ?
      These thin yellow lines indicate the good side of the yellow brick road. (It's technically a yellow brick half-plane.) The thicker line demarcates 7 days of safety buffer. (If you keep your safety buffer at 7 days or higher then you're immune to being stung. If anything comes up, just flatten your yellow brick road. It will take effect after the 7-day akrasia horizon but since you have that much safety buffer, you're golden!)

    Goal Stats

    • CUR RATE 0 per week
    • DATA PTS 369

    Goal Info

      Plan out how I will spend my time each day.
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