Brent is minding: active

byorgey/allergy-meds's progress graph

Allergy meds

Goal: Take allergy meds every day

byorgey/thesis's progress graph


Goal: Graduate!

byorgey/beard's progress graph


Goal: Keep beard trimmed

byorgey/clean's progress graph


Goal: Do more cleaning around the house

byorgey/floss's progress graph


Goal: Floss every day

Graph of mystery goal progress

Mystery Goal

Goal: ...

Graph of mystery goal progress

Mystery Goal

Goal: ...

byorgey/catsters's progress graph

Catsters videos

Goal: Watch two Catsters videos a week

Graph of mystery goal progress

Mystery Goal

Goal: ...

byorgey/plan's progress graph


Goal: Plan out how I will spend my time each day.

byorgey/anki's progress graph

Anki reviewing

Goal: Review anki cards every day.

byorgey/clean-the-shower's progress graph

Clean the shower

Goal: Clean one shower item per week

byorgey/bike-care's progress graph

Bike care

Goal: Pump up tires and lube chain once every two weeks

byorgey/toenails's progress graph


Goal: Cut toenails regularly

byorgey/fogbugz's progress graph


Goal: Close FogBugz cases regularly

byorgey/irc's progress graph


byorgey/diagrams's progress graph

Diagrams hacking

Goal: Work on diagrams regularly

byorgey/flu-shot's progress graph

Flu shots

Goal: Get a flu shot every year

byorgey/fogbugz-review's progress graph

Fogbugz review

Goal: Spend some time each day reviewing FogBugz tickets.

byorgey/snacks's progress graph


Goal: Eat fewer snacks

byorgey/cis-ed-seminar-11-12-2012's progress graph

CIS ed seminar 11-12-2012

Goal: Prepare 3 hours for leading CIS ed seminar

Graph of mystery goal progress

Mystery Goal

Goal: ...

byorgey/math-book-reviews's progress graph

Math book reviews

Goal: Write one math book review every two weeks

byorgey/reading's progress graph


Goal: Read regularly

byorgey/application's progress graph

Application materials

Goal: Work on application materials like teaching and research statements.

byorgey/bed's progress graph

To bed on time!

Goal: Go to bed at 10:30 every night.

byorgey/piano's progress graph

Piano practice

Goal: Regular, deliberate piano practice.

byorgey/750's progress graph

500 words

Goal: Write 500 words a day

byorgey/papers's progress graph


Goal: Read and take notes on papers

byorgey/blog's progress graph


Goal: Spend time working on blog posts each week.

byorgey/insomnia's progress graph

No computer when insomnia

Goal: Don't use my computer when I should be sleeping.

byorgey/hott's progress graph


Goal: Homotopy Type Theory reading group

Graph of mystery goal progress

Mystery Goal

Goal: ...