+1 due
or pay $5
Get out of bed at alarm and stay out of bed!

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This goal has the following fine print specified by brittany1243:

If my alarm (phone alarm or alarm clock) goes off, I am obligated to get out of bed and stay out of bed for three hours. This behavior is equal to a +1. Max of one +1 per day. Sitting (or laying down) in the bed in this three hours period after the alarm goes off disqualifies a +1 for the day. A forgetful, almost-sitting-down but springing-back-up behavior does not disqualify the +1. Falling asleep on the floor is a disqualification. If I wake up after sleeping for at least two hours and turn off the alarm before it goes off, this counts as the alarm going off (i.e. I can make changes to my alarm time basically until I have fallen asleep for the night, so if I'm having insomnia I can change the alarm time. On the other hand, if I wake up shortly before the alarm goes off and turn it off, I can't go back to bed.)
If I don't set an alarm, the following rules apply. I am allowed to get up and use the bathroom. Looking at my phone or computer screen is equivalent to the alarm going off. So, I am allowed to use the bathroom and get back in bed as long as I don't look at my phone or computer screen.