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This goal has the following fine print specified by zedmango:

This is a daily scheduled goal.
My daily scheduled goals are:
(morning) amcard, amstretch, ammg, amllipqq
(timeblock) gtd, taxins30, finances30, lwr120, case130, case230, lpm30, tomorrow15, outside10
(quick) entertime, protein144, dualnback, morse
(meditation – time periods) amsit, aftsit, evesit, nightsit
(meditation – types of sits) happy24, money24, partner24, sensation24, vuln24, awake24, sched24, factor24
Daily scheduled goals have the following fine print:
1. The deadline on these goals is set during the day to help me schedule them, but they can be done anytime before midnight. Derailment is not valid if task was completed by midnight.
2. These goals are scheduled throughout the day to help me structure my daily schedule, but any previously scheduled event takes precedence. Derailment is not valid if I had another event at that time.
3. There may be some days when I have a more urgent task that takes priority due to an upcoming deadline. Derailment is not valid in that situation.
4. Sleep takes precedence over any of these tasks since it is important that I sleep well. No derailment is valid if I’m asleep at the time.
5. Preconditions need to be met – so for the computer tasks I need to be at home and my computer and office set up, for the supplements I need to have that supplement in stock, etc.