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Time Well Spent

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This goal has the following fine print specified by yashkaf:

The point of this goal tracking is to dedicate my time to activities that make my life better. Timepoints are given for each half hour spent doing the following things:

-3 points: Usage of any screen (TV/internet) after midnight on a weekday.
-2: Sleeping under 7.5 hours
1: Walking, books, fun skill building like Duolingo and math puzzles.
2: Engaged time with Terese, friends, family or at social events. Time on actual job, cooking and playing sports.
3: Chores, gym, writing and learning necessary skills (Coursera or textbooks).
4: Volunteering or other effort that exclusively helps others.

-1 points for each 25 grams of sugar in a mostly-sugar food, each $10 spent on pointless consumerism
10 points for each of two main tasks I assign on Sunday.

* The tracking is done on the Google doc.
* OK to enter rounded down estimate if not tracked on the doc.
* 32 points a day automatic for vacation.

Example week to meet goal exactly: Complete both main tasks, 3 hours working + 0.5 hour socializing at work, 14 hours with Terese/friends, 5 hours reading, 10 hours walking, 1 of soccer and 1 in the gym, 4 hours on chores and studying, 4 on Putanumonit, a couple of nights playing Civilization until 1:30 am and a 3-4 pieces of cake.