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Tracking how fully I ass my IF+sugar restriction diet over four months

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This goal has the following fine print specified by yashkaf:

My goal is to stick to a diet for four months so that I could see if it results in actual weight loss.

I start each day with 1 point to gain, and try do the following things:
1. Consume all calories (ex. milk in coffee) in an 8-hour window.
2. Eat less than my TDEE, which I estimate at 1800+exercise.
3. Eat less sugar, by overestimating calories in sugary foods by 30%.

I lose 0.1 points for every 12 minutes that my eating window is larger than 8 hours (so 0 pts at 10 hours) and for every 100 cals above my TDEE.

I gain extra 0.1 for every 12 minutes my eating window is smaller than 7 hours, and 0.1 for every 100 cals below (TDEE-300).

The Beeminded rate is 6 points per week, so six days of sticking to the plan and one cheat day. I will keep this goal until August 1st or until I weigh in at below 175 lbs three days in a row.