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This goal has the following fine print specified by tjb:

I have to add 1 data point each morning, but none on vacations or public holidays. Beeminder support should revert all derailments while on vacation.

If I go above 75kg, I am not allowed to get fully satiated. If I go above 76kg (except initially), I will eat carrots or greens for supper, and I have to compute the calories of all meals (except leafy greens) before eating for the upcoming week. I am budgeting 2400 kcal per day (or whatever turns out to maintain my weight). That means 800 kcal per meal. The goal starts anew for each meal, i.e. no rolling over unused (or penaly) calories.

The purpose of this goal is to focus my attention to healthy portion sizes (i.e. plate size, no second helpings, destressing during meals, ...) whenever I start getting heavier.

Log of daily calorie intake:
since 28.12.2021 2200 kcal
since 3.1.2022 2000 kcal
since 12.1.2022 2400 kcal

Kaloriendefizit linear auf Gewichtsabnahme hochgerechnet anhand von Zum mittleren Gewichtsverlust von 0.56kg/w passt ein Kaloroendefizit von 484, das ich einfach auf die zeit-mittlere Kalorien Einnahme von 2080 drauf gerechnet habe.