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This goal has the following fine print specified by tjb:

Every 12 months (6 months until major purchase), I will rebalance my portfolio using fresh savings. The targeted asset allocation is:

* 60% MSCI World
* 35% certificate of deposit
* 5% money market account

The MSCI World position is LU1781541179 at the time of writing. (The choice of security is reviewed at each rebalancing. ACWI or World + EM can be substituted for MSCI World once it becomes "cheap".)

The fixed income positions will go into the highest yielding account recommended by

There is a 3% no-trade threshold, except I will lock into gains if tax advantages outweigh the trading costs.

I will put a strong focus on cutting costs (including tax leakage), exclusively passive investment, and buy-and-hold-and-rebalance investment. Market timing is strictly forbidden. In case the rules are unclear, I will imitate whatever the Norwegian sovereign oil fund does. (See also

1 point per completed rebalance-and-retrohatched-to-expiry-of-certificate-of-deposit.