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Skritter Practice

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This goal has the following fine print specified by thailyn:

Goal total is a non-serious attempt to achieve the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours of practice.

As of 2015.01.22 (after practicing), Skritter lists 68.7 hours spent studying. This is equal to 4122 minutes. Also, as of this time, approximately 51 minutes have been recorded in Beeminder (that is, exactly 51 minutes have been recorded, but each measurement was rounded to the nearest half-minute). This gives a total of 4071 minutes spent before Beeminder. Ten thousand hours is, of course, 600,000 minutes.

Doing a simple subtraction here gives 595929 minutes to go since starting Beeminder. One complication, though, is that my Beeminder goal is Skritter clock time, not real-world time. I need to come up with a more exact figure, but I recall Skritter time on average being half as fast as real-world time. Using this estimate, I would only need 300,000 minutes of Skritter clock time in total, leaving me with 295929 minutes since starting this goal on Beeminder. (Also, using this lower figure gives me a goal that is attainable in my lifetime.)