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Complete 12 UFOs from pre-approved list by December 2019

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Careful what order you edit datapoints in. Beeminder derails you if your data crosses the red line, even retroactively. (Also FYI this goal is auto-summing aka cumulative, which can be confusing.)

This goal has the following fine print specified by shanaqui:

0.25: Out and ready to work on.
0.5: At least an hour of consistent work has been done.
0.75: Only the ends left to tuck in.
1: Completed object.


Things can be added to the list after 1st Jan if they are overdue and forgotten up to that point, and/or not something that can be completed in just two or three sessions.

List of options:
-Elephant bookmark (Alys)
-Wolf cross-stitch
-Books cross-stitch
-Cosmic CAL blanket
-Eastern Jewels blanket
-Commission for Alys
-Owl blanket
-Hedgehog cross-stitch
-Otter cross-stitch & bunny cross-stitch [count as one due to ease]
-Legendary Book Club cross-stitch
-C2C blanket for Simone
-Bookmark for Grandma
-Ripple blanket

-Elephant bookmark (Mum)
-Bunnies cross-stitch (Simone)
-Fairytale bookmark
-Cat on a bookshelf bookmark)
-Black & white blanket
-[Secret project using special yarn]

Notes: fairly sure that in my initial burst of enthusiasm I will complete several in January or possibly even before January starts. Max safety buffer allowed: 2 months.