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Make one healthier choice each day (see fine print)

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This goal has the following fine print specified by shanaqui:

Healthier choices can mean all kinds of things, but for the purposes of this goal we're talking about physical health. So I would be making a healthier choice when I choose to eat yoghurt or nuts instead of a bag of potato crisps; I'd be making a healthier choice by choosing to go for a walk over lunch instead of playing FFXIV the entire time. Healthy choices can be small, barely impactful in the short-term -- but cumulatively, if I'm making at least one healthier choice per day, that's a lot more healthier choices.

However, it's not a healthier choice if I was going to do it anyway. If I'm heading to the kitchen specifically to grab a yoghurt for breakfast, that's not a healthier choice, that's the choice I was making anyway.

It is going to be autodialled so it ratchets the difficulty up as I make more and more healthy choices! #autodialStrict