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This goal has the following fine print specified by sara4767:

I realize that "number of times I've worked out" as opposed to, you know, reps, or minutes, or something, is a terrible metric for a workout goal. I accept this because it works for me. As such, in the spirit of defining what a workout is for my future stressed self, as well as for everyone reading this fine print after stumbling on my goal in the Featured and/or New Year's Resolution Survivor Challenge gallery, I have defined below exactly what a workout is for this goal.

One workout constitutes doing whatever workout I'm supposed to do on any given day (except rest days) as dictated by the program I'm doing, which, currently, is ChaLEAN Extreme. I have made the following modifications to the ChaLEAN Extreme program:
- On days when I am scheduled to do Burn/Push/Lean Circuit 1, I must also do Ab Burner.
- On days when I would, following the regular program, be scheduled to do Burn It Off!! and Recharge, I instead do Burn Intervals and Ab Burner.