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beenary best-effort asleep on time last night?

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Careful what order you edit datapoints in. Beeminder derails you if your data crosses the red line, even retroactively. (Also FYI this goal is auto-summing aka cumulative, which can be confusing.)

This goal has the following fine print specified by rperce:

If you're on your phone late at night, check the time. In the worst case, you must check the time when you turn the screen off and go to the always-on lockscreen. If it's after 00:30, turn the phone on and put a 0 datapoint on this goal. If, on the next day, you're reasonably sure you were in bed before 00:30 and didn't use your phone, go ahead and get the +1.

To discourage "well, I'm a bit over, let's stay up forever", going to sleep after bedtime gets (0.5)^(x / 10 + 1), where x is the minutes late, rounded to two places, if it's <=30 minutes late.