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This goal has the following fine print specified by pjh:

Weight is an outcome, over time it's the result of eating better and exercising better. Think about beeminding those things instead of weight.

It's an easy proxy for overall health, particularly if you've got a FitBit or Withings scale, a proxy that reflects how well you're keeping things in balance.

If you go on holiday and have access to a 'foreign' scale, there are some tips here on the forum:




At some point I was experimenting with keeping the road's centerline on or around the purple moving average line.

It's madness to try and beemind the Moving Average directly, but centering the road around it might accommodate daily fluctuation...

UPDATE: abandoned the moving average idea. It's not very helpful and pretty much lets you entirely off the hook, as evidenced by my ever-increasing weight since the experiment started...