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This goal has the following fine print specified by pjh:

As a gentle-slope goal, this wasn't serving me. Trying it as a more aggressively sloped goal, to encourage focused use of my FVP list.

Caveat: a day on client site or in a conference or equivalent is worth a day's worth of tocks. For convenience, an hour equates to half a tock.


Standard No Mercy get-out clause: I can contact support to get my week of flatness or otherwise adjust my road immediately following a derailment.

This goal is not about usiing the tock tool. This is about creating periods of single-task (or task bundle) focus. Its aim is to increase my tolerance and capacity for deliberately sustaining task-focus.

If i delberately focus on a task but fail to use the tock-tool, I can record a half point.

If I am interrupted by my day job, that is not a 'smac'. Smacks are for when I distract myself...

2014-12-07 - Scheduling this goal to come to an end. Not sure it's serving me. [UPDATE: this lasted slightly less than a month]

2015-06-10 - Stopping again. [UPDATE: this lasted slightly less than a week]