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Break-Through Rapid Reading
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This goal has the following fine print specified by pjh:

As suggested by @strickvl, I'm working my way through the book "Break-Through Rapid Reading" by Peter Kump.

It's not a high priority, but I don't want to forget about it, so I've created a gentle Beeminder goal with auto-ratchet enabled.

Datapoint values are the average reading speed that day, aggregated as 'nonzero', so the goal is about frequency of practice sessions, not speed itself.

For my own interest, I've got a separate spreadsheet about reading speed. I only added the average here for any interest.

Early impressions: I was a pretty fast reader to begin with.

One month in, at a very relaxed pace, my speed has more than tripled without seemingly changing my comprehension. I'm looking forward to the exercises that promise to improve recall…

I've had to double the slope on pjh/reading, and am in danger of actually reading a book all the way through instead of flitting from one to another.