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Time spent working on the project. Things that are very helpful and borderline necessary for the project count, too, except when working on those second order things is something with the potential to absorb you. Like coding tools.

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This goal has the following fine print specified by phi:

This goal was created because I would sit in front of YouTube for days and weeks doing everything _but_ my project. Eventually I was so fed up with this that I joined the Beeminder crowd and made this goal as a response.
This goal's primary aim is to make me not do that. Make me not sit in front of my computer / TV the entire day watching Netflix, YouTube or playing video games. But make me invest some time each day working on my project.

Driving to FAU for the purpose of meeting a professor counts towards the goal.
Driving to some place to just do the work there does not count.
Driving back does not count either.

If a deadline gets relaxed I am allowed to relax the goal as well in line with the new deadline.