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Careful what order you edit datapoints in. Beeminder derails you if your data crosses the red line, even retroactively. (Also FYI this goal is auto-summing aka cumulative, which can be confusing.)

This goal has the following fine print specified by nick:

As of 2018, intending each 1 to be equivalent to at least a 20-minute gym session (30+ would be more normal). Can't get more than 1 point per day. Can get a fraction of a point by doing something less intense:
0.333 points: max push-ups or other single bodyweight exercise or home dumbbells, or 2+ sets non-max, or a short run/cardio
0.5 points: 3 different home exercises, or 15 minutes of yoga or other non-punishing cardio
1 point: 3+ sets of swimming

Sick? Can skip.
Traveling? Something simple is fine, like one set of bodyweight exercises.