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Get a point for each deck that has 0 due, each day
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This goal has the following fine print specified by mattepp:

Get a point for each deck with 0 cards due, each day.

As of 2018-04-23:

- Trial period's over; committing to keep this.
- During the 2 week trial I scored a total of 20 points. I scored quite a few more points in the second week, as I more regularly studied multiple decks/day.
- I've updated settings to now require 12 points per day — a 20% increase from the trial average (although less of an increase from my recent current rate). This satisfies my intention to push myself to continue building on this habit. I've also retroratcheted to allow 3 days of safety buffer.
- In one week, I will retroratchet again down to 3 days of safety buffer once the settings change has caught up with me. things:///add?title=retroratchet%20anki%20beeminder%20after%20rate%20increase%20takes%20effect&when=in%207%20days&deadline=in%207%20days&tags=anki%2Cbeeminder&list=home

As of 2018-04-07, when I created this goal:

- I have 4 decks (each for a separate knowledge realm).
- I'm setting Beeminder to only require 2 points per week. This should be incredibly easy to accomplish
- My intention is for this to be a trial goal. I will decide in two weeks (on 2018-04-21) whether to continue it. If I do, then I will trim safety buffer and increase the commitment to push for improvement.
- I think that a good habit to build over a few weeks would be to clear at least 1 deck *every* day, and clear all decks at least 5 days/week. That would mean 22 points required each week.

For each deck, I must keep the "new cards per day" setting to at least 5. (That setting is currently at 10.)