+0.58 due
or pay $5*

This goal has the following fine print specified by martyh:

1) Plus 1 for only eating in a 5-hour window while fasting the other 19 hours each day. Zero for a day I fail to follow Fast-5 rules. (No way to catch up or build a buffer except by doing it more days in a week than the weekly rate.) Fast-5 works best if done daily as a lifestyle.

2) TRAVEL: When traveling, I can set the slope to zero. While traveling, I'm often not able to control my meal schedule.

3) SHORT NOTICE TRAVEL: If required to travel with less than 7 days to plan, I am not subject to the Akrasia Horizon in making a change if it derails me.

4) Blood/Platelet donation: Since eating is essential to successfully donating, I get plus 1 unless it's already a "take a break" day.