linux535/nogtbeedelete: is archived
Everyday I say have one value that means I deleted no GTbee Goals

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This goal has the following fine print specified by linux535:

Fairly simple I am not allowed to delete any tasks in the GTBee app. If I do not only must I pay the derailment fee but I must also give the amount of money the tasks I deleted were. I can check this off around 6PM and checking means in the last 24 hours I have deleted no goals. So if I delete two $5.00 goals I must pay the $5.00 derailment goals Plus $10.00 to someone else. There are only two main exceptions for deleting a task:
1. If I forgot to set the description.
2. A major family tragedy happens or I am injured or sick and it prevents me from doing the task. However I must add the task back once things are better.

Accidentally setting the wrong time is not grounds for deleting. As this could easily be abused. Note: This goal does not derail if I miss a task only if I delete a task. Also each time I add a goal I need to take a screenshot.