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This goal has the following fine print specified by jantek:

My daily reading goal. The main goal is to read at least around 85 pages a week (I aim rather at being regular than ambitious about it).

For each time I finish a book there is a hashtag on the plot and also give my self some "extra pages" as a reward (from 5% to 10% (and up to 25% when the book is in a language different than Polish) of length of the book depending on how easy it is to read, how big the pages are etc.).

Little "loans" are okay if they have a good reason and are fully paid up the next day.
Non legit derailments include:
-when something unplanned happens which takes lot of time or energy e.g. a long not seen friend shows up and I spend the evening with him
-when I am at an event which starts early in the evening (or even earlier) and takes a lot of time or especially happens during the evening, e.g. a party which ends lately in the night or the next day in the morning, as long as I pay up the loan this next day, preferably in the morning (though not necessarily)
-though for these case the main aim is to take a loan (and also have some extra "spare pages" read in advance), not the derail. But if I happen to forget about taking the loan it's rather still okay but needs retroratcheting.
-falling behind after finishing a book when it's because "I have nothing to read yet" ie. I don't know what to read next or I have the "book hangover" AND at the same (very important) I really think it's a legit reason to derail. Retroracheting should be done but the exact time should be decided in order to match the particular situation.
-also when I abandon reading a book because it makes me want to die or something like that (vide Oblivion by D. F. Wallace, eek, that's good but hard as hell, really)

Derailments that are legit:
-when I'm simply lazy
-including situations when I have lot of things taking time or energy that day but I knew they will come and bug me ie. they were planned