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Maintained progress as measured by this add-on:

2023-12-06: Switched to FSRS scheduling and currently disabling the add-on until I understand the effects on the "cards maintained" metric.
2023-12-15: Switch to FSRS done. Did a loooot of reviews (10–100 times the normal daily amount) the last week, and now it feels safe to enable the plugin again without having any unwanted effects.
2023-12-15: Wooow, rescheduling using FSRS still seems a bit unpredictable... :o (I believe it's good for learning, but it's hard to predict how the "cards maintained" metric will work.) Maybe I'll need to go back to an "input-counting" metric (time/cards) again...
2024-03-01: Beeminder forum helped to understand and find the bug in the metric (how/why I would get a lower rotestock/progress score after studying more).
2024-03-06: Switched to the hotfix add-on, and FSRS is predictable now.