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7011 Steps as proxy for 'moving enough'

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Careful what order you edit datapoints in. Beeminder derails you if your data crosses the red line, even retroactively. (Also FYI this goal is auto-summing aka cumulative, which can be confusing.)

This goal has the following fine print specified by grayson:

Tracking steps as a proxy for being the kind of person who 'moves enough'. Research indicates that even 3k steps a day correlates with reduced mortality, cardiovascular disease, etc. and the correlation continues up to roughly 20k steps, with the rate of reduction decreasing after roughly 8k steps.
References: (popular) (the study)
No indoor pacing purely to get steps (ie, no treadmill or walking the living room). Indoor steps must be part of some other activity (eg, cleaning or walking up to my office). Weather is no excuse.