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Read Daily (Survivor Goal)

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Careful what order you edit datapoints in. Beeminder derails you if your data crosses the red line, even retroactively. (Also FYI this goal is auto-summing aka cumulative, which can be confusing.)

This goal has the following fine print specified by fryhole:

In years past I've set reading goals like "read 30 books" or whatever, but I've been at it long enough that I think I can take a more hands-off approach. Namely, did I read today (y/n)? I'd like to read every day, but perfection isn't a reasonable expectation, so for Beeminding I'll expect about 85% compliance, or 6 days a week on average. Each day's report will be either a one (did) or a zero (didn't). At this time I won't set a minimum threshold for each day. If I picked up a book or book equivalent and read even a sentence, that counts.

This could probably be automated, but I've had spotty success with those integrations. This is just easier; I can backdate prior days' reading and don't have to worry about IFTTT failing for no reason.