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100-Wordy Days

This goal has the following fine print specified by florismk:

The goal is to write at least 200 words every single day. Every day is defined as every day I am physically capable of writing. Specifically: conscious, able to move enough of my body, able to see, and in possession of a writing implement (preferably laptop or tablet, but pen and paper count as well).

Words count only if they're written as new prose, either in a new first draft, or in a new section of an existing draft, or in a subsequent draft written from scratch. (ETA: Now that I'm outlining for the first time of my life, I have to add that outlining counts as well, as does synopsis writing.)

Given my light touch in editing, editing my own work counts at a rate of 5:1, so 5000 words edited equals 1000 words towards my goal. Combination writing/editing counts at a rate determined by my own estimate of the proportions of writing and editing. I will always report the total number of words wredited in the comment.*

Blogging on my own site does not count, but blog posts and columns written at request or to order do.

Critiquing other writers' stories counts at a rate of 2:1, so for writing 250 words of critique, I log 125 words. In this case, too, I will always report the total number of words of critique written.

* Except in the Harland Award project, where I need to keep secret how many words it contains.