Fatty » Weight Loss By Public Shaming, 2014 Edition

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    If this were your goal, you could schedule changes in the steepness of the upcoming road here -- as long as they were a week or more away.
    If this were your goal, you could throw away some of your safety buffer here, in effect making your goal *harder* right now. If you want to make it easier or change the total or the rate, that happens in the "Change your goal" tab.

    Goal Ended All Data

    1. You reached your goal date. Good work! Data submitted now will be recorded, but your graph will not update unless you unfreeze. If this shouldn't have ended email support@beeminder.com and we'll get it sorted out!
      1. 26 160.6
      2. 7 160.6 "reset road at 160.6 on the 7th"
      3. 7 159.6
      4. 21 157.6


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