Get (Un)Fat!

Join forces with Beeminder and Fat Cyclist for some serious weight loss accountability.

How It Works


Ante up! You have to prove you're serious by putting down $19.95 for World Bicycle Relief to play this game.


Weigh in every day. You get 3 points for every day your datapoint is blue, 2 points for orange, and 1 point for green.


If you have a day above the road, though, you pay Beeminder money. The first time it is $5. It gets more expensive each time you slip up.

Read the latest from Fat Cyclist blog. And the initial announcement on Fat Cyclist, and on the Beeminder Blog.

Registration's closed.
May the fattest cyclist win!

Top 10 FattiesMore »

Rank User Goal Comments Score Pledge
1st ringcycles ringcycles/weight's progress graph Losing weight like a Fat Cyclist: Race weight before the Grafton County Grand Ronde 0 304 pts $0
2nd redraiderbiker jscottlambert/weight's progress graph Losing weight like a Fat Cyclist: Stop being so soft. 0 301 pts $0
3rd sken144 sken144/weight's progress graph Pre-crash weight: Hill climbing weight for 100MON 0 294 pts $0
4th mukrider mukrider/weight's progress graph Drop it like Fatty: Get down to race weight 0 269 pts $0
5th khg khg/hampsten's progress graph Hampsten 0 266 pts $0
6th kenkoz kenkoz/weight's progress graph Losing weight like a Fat Cyclist: To weigh the same I did when I was 18. 0 253 pts $0
7th tighthead tighthead/weight's progress graph Tighthead's weight (in kg): Overall, get to 85kg. Nice and slowly. 0 243 pts $270
8th justatrackdog justatrackdog/weight's progress graph Losing weight like a Fat Cyclist: Get to "normal weight" wrt BMI 0 237 pts $0
9th Johnny Knows Best johnnyknowsbest/hic100's progress graph HiC100: 0 236 pts $10
10th rustyred rustyred/weightloss's progress graph Fit into the jersey better: Get down to 125 0 229 pts $30