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L'Égyptien hiéroglyphique

This goal has the following fine print specified by emk:

Finish one lesson, make at least 7 Anki cards, and keep reasonably up to date on my reviews. For now, "finishing" a lesson means going through all the material in the lesson in enough detail to make Anki cards, and and at least skimming the notes.

Listening to audio is now optional, at least for a bit. It doesn't add as much as I'd like, given that Egyptian is a dead language.

My intention is to invest no more than 45 minutes per week into this project.

All usual Beeminder rules apply, including emergencies, force majeur, etc., and the one-week horizon for changing the goals. The pledge is set to increase for now, but I may decide to change that.

The details of this goal will probably change as I learn things.