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Got a feature request? Found a bug? Think our mother is cheap? We'd love to hear from you!

In case this is helpful, here are the top three questions support gets asked:

If you don't feel like participating in our user forum and you didn't find an answer in our help docs, you can email or use the form below. We usually reply within 24 hours* — no auto-reply here — and most requests are resolved even faster than that!**

(If you log in to Beeminder you can use a handy-dandy contact form here, otherwise just email, which, honestly, works just as well as the contact form regardless)

Contact Us

* “I don't want to promise any faster than 24 hours, but I don't know the last time an email went that long without an initial reply” — Our Support Czar

** To get specific, 94% of emails to our support inbox get a first reply in under 12 hours. It takes us less than 24 hours to resolve 90% of your issues, and 38% of those are resolved in under 4 hours. If you haven't gotten any response to your email in over a day, we might have fallen into the ocean; check Wikipedia to see if the west coast of the United States still exists.

Prefer snail mail?
The Beehive:
3246 NE 57th Ave, Apt A
Portland OR 97213

If you've got a support issue, we're faster and better by email. Seriously! It's a point of pride for us. However, if, heaven forbid, a ball got dropped in email, or you want to hook us up with your close personal friend Ira Glass or whatever, please don't hesitate to call:
+1 (646) 535-BEEM

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