Bizy Bee is minding: active

b/mustdo's progress graph

Must-do todos

Goal: Say what you must do and then do it.

b/inbox's progress graph

Bsoule's Inbox

Goal: to 0 msgs

b/read's progress graph

Bethany's Book Reading

Goal: Read more.

b/push's progress graph


Goal: pushups make you less of a weako

b/veggies's progress graph

I Loves My Broccoli

Goal: 1 point for each meal I eat that includes at least one serving of veggies

meta/uvi's progress graph

Beeminder: User-Visible Improvements to Beeminder

Goal: One UVI per day as logged at

b/sugarless's progress graph

Days without sweets

Goal: No sweets for the rest of July

meta/blog's progress graph

Beeminder: Beeminder Blog Posts

Goal: Post regularly to

b/meta's progress graph


Goal: Keep working lots on Beeminder (tracked automatically with TagTime)

b/weight's progress graph


Goal: Don't gain any. Maybe get a little lower.

b/workout's progress graph


Goal: Workouts other than my bike commute

b/mobility's progress graph

lithe limber lissome yielding

Goal: spend >= 5 min on limberment

b/sleep's progress graph

Earlier to bed.

Goal: In bed with computer off & lights out by midnight.

Bizy Bee