Adjust how often you'll pay, up to an infinite, lifetime subscription: (e.g., pay yearly for 14% off)
1 month
Bee Lite
$8 / month
Custom goals: exponential roads and other poweruser settings
[Configurable Ratchet: specify how much safety buffer you're left with]
Fitness tip of the day from our resident fitness expert, in the bot reply emails
Plan Bee
$16 / month
All the benefits of Bee Lite
Fully pledgeless goals
[Ability to automatically trim extra safety buffer]
$32 / month
All the benefits of Plan Bee
Free short-circuiting — jump directly to any pledge level
Sometimes-synchronous support in the Beeminder developer chatroom
$256 / month
All the benefits of Beemium
A personal life coach: strategy sessions, handholding, human accountability
More information in our blog post