-1.13 due
or pay $30
Avoid non-productive websites on my work computer
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This goal has the following fine print specified by tombartleby:

I commit to staying off non-productive websites while on my work computer. This applies differently in three different cases:

During a Pomodoro: I will use only work websites and Gmail. And I will only use Gmail to read/reply to emails from my spouse, urgent emails from others, or to send emails that are on my to-do list.

During non-Pomodoro time: I will use only the above plus Beeminder, websites productive life stuff (banks, necessary shopping, finding a place for dinner, etc.), my blog Bartleby's Backpack (only for replying to comments, dealing with spam, or other urgent admin tasks), the google analytics page for my blog, gmail for non-urgent reading/replying, and general Internet research relating to e.g., vacation/weekend activities.

When on break: I can take up to three breaks per day not to exceed 30 mins each (ideally, breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I don't commit to that). During those breaks, I may also look at the admin page for Bartleby's Backpack, do research relevant to my daydreams/long-term plans, or comment on a blog where I think commenting could drive traffic Bartleby's Backpack. I may also work at CodeAccademy or similar educational sites.

Under no circumstances will I look at Vox, other news sites, Tumblr, or any blog for any reason other than commenting. If I want to look at these sites, I will use my phone (on which I will track hours spent and, if necessary, set other limits).