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Daily studying of M4E to get a high grade so that I can go to Oxford Economics MPhil.

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This goal has the following fine print specified by thucydotus:

Only **high quality** work outside of class counts. This is analogous to:
1. Reading the textbook in-depth, following proofs
2. Actively doing problems
3. Doing coursework
4. Preparing for lectures
The following activities are non-exhaustive examples of what doesn't count:
- Reading around the subject
- Watching YouTube videos / looking up more concepts, if not directly inspired by the textbook
- Skimming the textbook or solution sets
The rule of thumb is: *if it doesn't need my full focus, then it doesn't count*. This in turn is analogous to *if it doesn't increase my knowledge, it doesn't count*.
- Illness
- Emergencies
- Other academic deadlines (with preference to E40012)