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fv: gtd weekly review

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This goal has the following fine print specified by pjh:

"weekly" gtd-style review of calendars, tasks, projects, somedays, etc.

"done" when the lists are updated and the inboxes are either processed (i.e. zero) or I have confidence in the scheduled task to move that forward. I've got a review checklist that I generally remember to use.

reviews near to the weekend must incorporate 'home fires'. It's one of my only contexts; what can only be done at home?

intention is to lengthen the cycle because as I get better at maintaining this system, fewer reviews should be needed.

This is an opportunity to rewrite or reframe the FV list items. And to consider whether they're the right thing to do right now; e.g. will poking that bear result in an activity that I'd prefer to defer. Alys has a version of this in which she needs to do something on or to every item on her list.

No Mercy fine print applies.

New fine print experiment: when an eep day has a genuinely trivial fraction to be done (usually on an item counted in integer units) then it can be pushed to the next day once, unless I'm being stupidly akratic, in which case don't do that. Trivial is probably less than one quarter of a day's slope for a weekly/monthly kind of goal. Should almost never apply to a daily goal.