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This goal has the following fine print specified by mary:

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Recent Changes and Other Notes
* No regular days off anymore.
* Tuesday to Wednesday fasts are no longer off b/c of dissertation workshop. (Plan ahead!)

Non-Legit Clauses
* These reasons count as non-legit derailments:
* Travel days
* Days I'm under the weather (have a cold, flu, fever; cycle doesn’t count)
* Any day on which there’s a social or work breakfast function
* Any day after there was a social or work dinner function
* Any day after there was an option to either not participate in a spontaneous event so I could go home and eat on time or delay starting fasting
* b/c if this is supposed to be something that’s just a regular part of my life, I don’t want it dominating my choices that way
* Broke the fast due to not feeling well (feeling lightheaded, headachy, weak, trembly, gerd)
* Sleep related:
* Any day after I've had insomnia or haven’t slept much
(defined here:
* Any day after I ate late b/c I was too hungry to sleep
* [These are borderline and I worry about slipperiness here, but sleep is a bigger problem for me, so it needs to take priority, and taking it easy on bad insomnia days helps my overall productivity and helps get me out of the insomnia cycle. I’ll change this if it looks like the slope might get slippery.]

Akrasia Horizon Clauses
* If I notice that the fasting period is too long, I'm allowed to request that it be reduced ahead of the akrasia period if I feel as though it's at an unhealthy length and if I agree that I should be moving to that new length indefinitely (and I'm not allowed to raise it again for a month).
* If I think the fast should only be dropped *temporarily,* it's probably just akratic rationalization, but if I’m willing to force it to stay there for a month, given what I know about my decision-making history in circumstances like that, I trust this clause is enough to keep me from making spur-of-the-moment, short-term, rationalized pseudo-decisions that run counter my goal.

Date last changed: 2018-11-11
(Any change to this fine print is subject to the Akrasia Horizon—the 7-day waiting period for any changes—and needs to be noted here in advance.)

Payments Since 2018-01-01
lost $5 on chipmanaged/fasting on 2018-12-03