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ENTER '1' or nothing. You either started work before 5:30 am (enter 1) or you didn't. 1=Must work 25 minutes before 6:30 am. Commitment as of August 2020: 5 days/week.

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This goal has the following fine print specified by donhdefl:

This Beeminder is intended to drive other Beeminder goals. Before using Beeminder I noticed greater success when I started work on personal goal-related tasks at certain times of the day, like before and after work at a 9-5 job. Beeminder rule: You can only enter '1' or do not enter anything. There is no valid entry that is '2' or above, and entering '0' doesn't make sense unless you just want to capture notes in the Comment section. The detail components of this particular Beeminder is that work (goal-related tasks) must begin at a particular time (in this case 5:30 AM) and a certain number of minutes (in this case 25) goal-related work must be completed within the hour (by 6:30 AM).